Transmission 1.91

Tenemos ya disponible en los repositorios ipkg la nueva versión 1.9x de Transmission para instalar.

Esta incluye los siguientes cambios:

Transmission 1.91 (2010/02/21)
Fix 1.90 crash-on-startup bug that affected some users
Fix 1.90 bug that caused the «turtle mode» state to be forgotten between sessions
Fix 1.83 crash when adding a torrent by URL from an ftp source via the web client
For the BitTorrent? spec’s «downloaded=X» passage, use the de facto standard

Transmission 1.90 (2010/02/16)
Add an option to disable the .part suffix for incomplete files
Add priority selector to GUI clients’ add torrent windows
Fix 1.81 bug that broke HTTP requests to sites that gave HTTP 301 redirects
Fix 1.8x bug in announcing «finished downloading» and «stopping» at the same time
Fix 1.8x bug in announcing partial seeds
Try harder to make announces finish, even if the tracker responds slowly
Fix bug that didn’t honor download speed limits of 0
Use fallocate64() for fast file preallocation on systems that support it
Magnet link improvements
Don’t let «Disk is full» errors cause loss of configuration files
Faster parsing of bencoded data, such as torrent files
Add transmission-remote support for port testing and blocklist updating
Add transmission-daemon support for incomplete-dir, dht, and seedratio
If settings.json is corrupt, give an error telling where the problem is
Add option to specify where log messages should be written
Add a tracker tab to the inspector
Fix 1.8x display error when showing magnet link information

Al igual que la recién lanzada 1.8x, parece que no acaba de ir del todo bien con los diferentes NAS, así que os aconsejo no actualizar por el momento.