Transmission 1.50

Otra versión de Transmission lista en ipkg para actualizar. Esta vez se trata de la 1.50 que incorpora las siguientes novedades:

All Platforms

  • IPv6 support for peers, and for trackers with explicit IPv6 addresses
  • Improved connectivity for encrypted peers
  • Fix 1.42 error that made tracker announces slower over time
  • Fix a Mac-centric peer connection bug from 1.41
  • Use less CPU cycles when managing very fast peers
  • Better handling of non-UTF-8 torrent files
  • When removing local data, only remove data from the torrent
  • Close potential DoS vulnerability in 1.41
  • Many other bugfixes
  • Daemon

  • Lots of new options added to transmission-remote
  • Fix 1.42 whitelist bug
  • Make i18n support optional for cli and daemon clients
  • CLI

  • Support session.json settings, just as the Daemon and GTK+ clients do
  • Web Interface

  • Torrents can now be added by URL
  • Add the ability to «remove local data» from the web client