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  1. I have find out the time to upgrade the debian-powerpc to ETCH distribution.
    I have done this update cause gcc-4.x.x is the best choice in order to compile new 2.6.x kernels and I think it is the best choice in order to compile ocaml 10.1 too.
    I keep being unlucky with 2.6 kernel compilation but I have been successful with a 2.4.36 kernel Very Happy .
    The brand new environment provides gcc-4 , ocaml 10.1 and libc-2.3.6.
    I like to test the new mldonkey cores first to provide them as rock&stable.

    Please, can anyone(expert) here try to use these BETA cores? (Beta tester needed)

    Give feedback here:
    Thanks in Advance

    The bundled libraries are also changed from sarge version to updated etch version (in case you have used LD_LIBRARY trick, you have to update them too)

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