MLDonkey 2.9.2

Nueva versión recién salida del horno compilada por Fabtar de este cliente p2p para nuestros NAS’s con procesador PowerPC.


Sigue leyendo para ver la lista de cambios.

2007/10/20: version 2.9.2 = tag release-2-9-2
6242: Allow deactivation of [telnet|gui|gift]_port by setting it to 0

6240: GTK1 oldgui: Hide password in server settings
6239: Update GNU config.guess and config.sub to version 2007/07
Updated Mozilla protocol handler to version 2.2
- original source from
6238: Fix statvfs code on alpha platform (Alexander Kotelnikov)
6237: EDK: Load server.met files from archives even if unpack fails
- is not a gz archive at the moment...

6231: Swarming: Propagate chunks of finished file before commit (pango)
to other downloading files

6223: GTK2 GUI: Compile with lablgtk-2.10.0 by default
- this patch changes the lablgtk2 version used by ./configure
- self-compiled lablgtk-2.10.0 must be patched with patches/lablgtk-2.10.0.patch

6221: Configure: Remove unneeded checks
6220: GTK2 GUI: Fix compile bug due to changed API in lablgtk-2.10.0
- GTK2 GUI still compiles with older versions of lablgtk2

6197: Options backup: Better log messages, remove useless exception